Kurulus Osman episode 64 urdu subtitles by makki tv 2 kurulus osman season 2 episode 37 urdu subtitles

 Kurulus Osman episode 64 urdu subtitles by makki tv 2 kurulus osman season 2 episode 37 urdu subtitles     

Kurulus Osman episode 64 urdu subtitles by makki tv 2 kurulus osman season 2 episode 37 urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 64 urdu subtitles by makki tv 2 kurulus osman season 2 episode 37 urdu subtitles     

In Kurulus Osman Episode 63, Osman rises out of the tent and banters with Bala. Turhan tells that more officers will join the military soon, however Goktug is to some degree resentful about his words. Boran endeavors to calm Goktug and gets some information about the circumstance. Goktug fights Boran. The lead representative before long visits the Sultan and speaks with him about the expense issue. In the meantime, Sultan finds that Osman will go to the palace very soon. The Sultan tells that assuming Byzantium starts a contention, he will maintain Osman with his generally military. Zoe banters with Malhun and comprehends about her pregnancy. Before Osman goes to Konya, he banters with Malhun to deal with herself. Bala praises Malhun by giving this news which they need to hear from quite a while. Malhun says that Bala takes after the mother of her child and endeavors to console her. Dukas goes to the castle and chats with Nikola. Presently Malhun is the shortcoming of Osman on the grounds that she is conveying his kid. Zoe goes to the royal residence and lets everyone know that Malhun is pregnant. Nikola gives Zoe a task to raise an issue on the plain. Gunduz and Sheik praises the new officers. While resting in the forest, Osman gets some information about the issue with Boran, but in the mean time, the Mongolian troopers attack them by the Governor's organization. Boran and Goktug resolve their dispute while doing combating with Mongols. The old woman says that she won't help Zoe, however when she is familiar with Nikola, she becomes prepared to get ready toxin which she really wants. That evening, Bala invites Osman to dinner, but he needs to go to Malhun. Osman arrives at the Malhun's tent and advises her to feel great. Osman and Malhun eat together. Bala comprehends that Osman won't return and begins to eat alone. Gonca unveils to Bala that Zoe is unobtrusively taking off to some place. Osman goes with his warriors and meets with Umur at the limit. Osman illuminates Umur and Turhan concerning the attack plan. The Turks in a little while included the Byzantine warriors. While Osman was attacking a little assembling of Byzantine warriors, Dukas attacked the town around Kulucahisar gravely killing the occupants of the town. Osman and his warriors demolish the Byzantine troopers in a short period of time. Dukas begins to adulate his victory and says that he will soon thoroughly destroy Osman and the Turks. In the meantime, Aygul goes to Osman and tells that Dukas and his military are attacking and killing the blameless townspeople. Osman is now dubious with regards to the triumph and becomes irate. Umur and Gunduz comprehend that Osman was valid with regards to the possible catch. Osman says that paying little heed to what happens, he will justify every single person who died and will demolish Dukas.


What might be the following stage of Osman? How he will render the retribution from Dukas and Nikola? Why Nikola and Dukas assault on the locals? What might be the following stage of Nikola and Dukas?




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Will zohi kill osmans youngster?


What will occur in Episode 63?


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In Kurulus Osman episode 62, Togay asks before Osman and says that he complete his execution rapidly. Cerkutay handles Bamsi's swords to rip off his head and give it to Osman. Osman remembers what Bamsi said a surprisingly long time past and rebuffs the crooks he caught before everyone. Sheik reports that Osman gave the execution discipline to the culprits. Osman reports that he will reliably rebuke the people who attack the Turks whatever the matter will be. Everybody was happy with Osman's discipline. The Sultans are educated by the lead representative that the Osman snatched Togay. As a discipline, Osman is told by the lead representative to pay the expense of three years in three days by lead representative to violate the law. At the point when Osman is near Bamsi's grave and says that he delivered his revenge. Nikola is happy that Togay is dead, yet he accepts that the current situation sustains Osman substantially more. Meanwhile, a Mongolian messenger comes and says that the lead representative will maintain Nikola against Osman. The agent tells that they will give gold to which is taken from Nikola. Nikola recognizes this understanding, notwithstanding, says that he will not be a toy for anyone.


EPISODE 64 with urdu captions


Nikola consigns Dmitri to tak e care of the golds send by Mongols. While Osman is talking with Bala that evening, the message shows up from Sultan. The next day, Osman sets off exactly on schedule for the specific Alps. Mongolian troopers handover the gold to Dmitri and vanish. Osman realizes the Byzantine troopers taking the gold, so attacks them before long.


While Bala needs to help the soup kitchen, Malhun carries out specific upgrades in Osman's tent. In the meantime, the message which is sent by the Emperor appears at the royal residence. Nikola leaves instantly to converse with the Ruler's child in Iznik. Gunduz is happy that will pay charges similarly as with the gold to Mongols. Bala returns to the clan and informed Malhun about doing no more changes to move things in the tent. Bala starts battling with Malhun and says that every thing in the tent has importance.


 Osman has gold with him and illuminates that the gathering regarding the Beys will begin. Osman tells that the goal for the state is to give value and afterward he moves back with back again Boran the next day. That evening, Bala illuminates Osman with respect to Malhun's movements and protests about her. Osman specifies that what Malhun did isn't an issue and begins to relate a story to Bala.


 This story is the account of a liberal man that Kumral told the young people. Nikola goes to Iznik, be that as it may, the Emperor's child starts to explode with him. One of the sellers in Sogut goes to the court yet can't express a word out of fear. Osman demands that Boran tell the genuine variables.


Boran yields that he obliged the vendor to sell the house watching out and says he reconsiders regarding it. Sheik Edebali tells boran to pay 10 gold coins for his misstep. Osman comprehends that Boran appreciates his slip up and pardons him. Nikola tells the Rulers of the Emperor's plan and that Ducas isn't too distant. Leo illuminates a critical clash will demolish trade the area, yet Nikola sabotages him.

Kurulus Osman episode 64 urdu subtitles by makki tv 2 kurulus osman season 2 episode 37 urdu subtitles         

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