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barbaros episode 2 in urdu | barbarossa episode 2 urdu subtitles

  barbaros episode 2 in urdu | barbarossa episode 2 urdu subtitles

barbaros episode 2 in urdu | barbarossa episode 2 urdu subtitles

Barbarosa Episode 2 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

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Barbarosa Episode 2 Release Date

Series Name: Barbaroslar (Barbaros)
Season: 1
Language: Turkish (English and Urdu Subtitles)
Delivery Date: 16-September-2021
Creation: ES Films
Barbarosa Series Info
We got a new update about Barbarossa. The CEO of TRT Ibrahim Eren has been reported, that in September 2021 it's beginning the shooting and we need to delay until June 2021 to watch it on your TV screen too. The second trailer of Barbarossa has created a ruckus on the screen The activity and tension found in the trailer were sufficient to make the fans anxious Above all, watching the ruler of the authentic series, Engin Altan, on the screen copies the delight of the fans.
Indeed, even before the beginning of the series, Indu trailers have created a ruckus all around the world It is now assessed that this will be one of the best series in Turkey that will be associated with hundreds of years The huge delay of the fans for this extraordinary series is bringing tone And two trailers showing up at short stretches have made fans influence with satisfaction. Presently everybody is anticipating watching the main episode of the Barbaros series.
Barbarosa Episode 2 English Subtitles
Oruj and his men are advancing in an unwanted spot in the Mediterranean. The boat slams into several stones anyway moves forward its direction without any issues. Baba Oruj talks with the sailors on the boat and demands that they keep an eye out. In the meantime, a privateer clutches a dealer boat and spreads out a catch to clutch the fortune on Oruj's boat. Oruj's boat steadily moves towards a tight section.
Oruj gets Enrico and says he will be executed. Oruj kills Enrico and window hangings his body in a recognizable spot to show various privateers a novel, new thing. Oruj's more settled kin Ishaq lives on the island of Lesbos and energetically expects Khizir's return. A short period of time later, Khizir shows up at the island with the books with him and chats with his kin. Ishaq is very happy with the presence of his more energetic kin. Later the contention, Oruj parts the wealth between his officials.
Barbarosa Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles
Suleiman says that Papa Borgia is an extremely risky man and will work resolutely to get hold of this mystery. Khizir says he will go to Kalymnos island both to save Shehzade Murad and to hold onto the mysterious key. Suleiman says that an extremely risky man named Pietro is ensuring Murad. In the interim, a man goes to the prison and starts conversing with one of the detainees there. Suleiman detests Khizir's arrangement and attempts to alter his perspective.
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Zeynep says that she needs to go to Kalymnos to track down the remedy for this sickness and gets ready to set out. Oruj discovers that the sibling of the man he killed is a well known privateer named Poseidon, however says it's no biggie. A privateer who got away from Enrico's boat finds Poseidon and lets him know that Oruj killed Enrico. Poseidon gets exceptionally furious and requests that his officers learn everything about Oruj. Khizir converses with Niko that evening and asks him for help

Barbaros Series Cast:

Barbarosa Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

Barbarosa Episode 2 English Subtitles

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