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kurulus osman season 3 episode 65 in urdu and english subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 65 Urdu and english Subtitle For Free

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Kurulus Osman Season 3Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 65, Osman is picked as the new pioneer and everybody in the clan is exceptionally glad with regards to this. Flatyos harms Bala to get away. Osman discovers that Dundar manipulated the political decision and that he furtively conversed with Nikola. In the mean time, the Pope's covert operatives, camouflaged as shippers, come to the plain and start to accumulate data. Osman needs to hold a gathering with the Turkish Beys and welcomes them to Sogut, yet Flatyos kills a portion of the people who set off to go to the gathering. Osman gets exceptionally irate at the present circumstance and plans to hold onto Inegol.

Later Goktug, Nikola makes a coalition with Dundar and says he will obliterate Osman. Targun assaults the plain and catches Osman's reports. In the mean time, Malhun and her warriors come to help Osman, and due to the present circumstance, Nikola needs to change his arrangements. On account of Malhun, Targun bites the dust, yet Bala is awkward with her. Osman attempts to observe the Pope's government operatives and gives Malhun a land where her clan can stay.Dundar actually makes secret arrangements to turn into the head of the clan, and even looks for help from the Pope's covert agents. Nikola assaults Osman with new troopers from Constantinople however loses the fight. To deliver retribution, Nikola starts to shape another crusader armed force and catches Savci's child. Goktug, who was banished by Osman's choice, goes to converse with Nikola with Targun. Nikola believes that Goktug needs to render retribution on Osman and structures a coalition with him. Osman saves Bayhoca.

Osman assaults Nikola, however Bayhoca is harmed in this assault. Savci needs to help his child. Geyhatu's new officer, Togay, comes to the line area and this progressions the whole overall influence. During his brief time frame in the plain, Malhun understands that there is a backstabber and attempts to caution Osman about this. Bayhoca passes on a brief time frame later because of the injury he got in the conflict. Osman swears that he will vindicate his nephew. Pope's government agents meet with Togay and say that they will assist him with disposing of Osman.

With the data he gained from the covert agents, Togay assaults Osman's gathering and harms Umur. Upon the present circumstance, the other Beys' confidence in Osman is shaken. Malhun assaults Togay to retaliate for her dad, however fizzles. Nikola comes from Constantinople and promptly assaults Sogut. Osman attempts to track down the deceiver in the plain with Savci Cerkutay says he will presently don't work for the Mongols and starts conversing with Bamsi.

Nikola offers Umur an economic alliance to let Osman be. Umur acknowledges this to both bring in cash and assault Inegol. While Osman lets Umur know that he ought not exchange with the Byzantines, Togay assaults and Abdurrahman bites the dust. Osman gets extremely furious at the present circumstance and says he will deliver retribution, everything being equal. Later quite a while, Osman discovers that his uncle Dundar is a backstabber and attempts to get him. Dundar looks for Nikola's assistance to save his life. Osman before long gets the Pope's covert agents and utilizations them to get Dundar out of the palace.

Osman kills the government agents first. Toward the beginning of the day of the following day, Osman says that Dundar will be executed. Dundar needs Osman to execute him and kicks the bucket before everybody. Togay ignores the lead representative's orders to kill Osman and turns into an agitator. The Emperor's child calls Nikola and lets him know that now he has one final possibility. Nikola makes an assault arrangement with an authority from Macedonia. Osman weds Malhun to satisfy his dad's desire and to have a likely successor.

Malhun before long brings forth a child kid. Osman and Nikola begin to battle once and for all. At the point when the Sultan gets back to Konya, Nikola thinks he has won the conflict, however Osman annihilates practically the whole Byzantine armed force with an effective strategy. Osman gets back to his plain to commend the triumph and lets everybody know that the time has come to build up the state they have been hanging tight for quite a while.

kurulus osman season 3 episode 65 in urdu captions

kurulus osman season 3 episode 65 in english subtitles

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