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AlpArslan Episode 5 urdu English subtitles

Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan Episode 5

Scene 5 abstract

King Alp Arslan Episode 5, Alparslan attempted to save Atabey, however the Lord got him. Alparslan escaped to the woods with his companions. Byzantine fighters attempted to catch them, yet Alparslan killed them. Utilizing the mysterious passage, Akca got back to the clan. Caghri discovered that somebody planned to assault Sehver and set off with Suleiman. Bozan saved Sehver from the criminals and said that Shehzade arranged this assault. Sehver accepted Bozan and thought that what Alparslan said wasn't right. Alparslan got back to the castle and requested that the Sultan's authorization save Atabey.

After what Inal said, Tughrul sent Alparslan to the prison. Master wanted to carry a combatant from Ani to battle Hassan. General and Evdokya went to the castle. General requested an enormous payoff for Hassan from the Sultan. Ruler discovered that Alparslan had gotten away from the prison and said that he would not pay the payment until a message came from him. Alparslan got a fire going in the woodland and made an impression on Alpagut with smoke. Inal and Suleiman began searching for Alp Arslan in the woods, yet Caghri halted them.

Inal went to the castle and let the Sultan know that Caghri was ensuring Alparslan. The Sultan requested his elder sibling to go to the castle right away. Alparslan killed one of the Byzantine warriors in the woods and took his garments. Thusly, Alparslan covertly entered the palace. Alpagut said that a combatant would go to the palace and Alparslan promptly made a move. After Yannis left the motel, Alparslan got the warrior and took his head protector.

Yannis didn't understand that the combatant was really Alparslan and went with him to the prison. After Hassan left his cell, Alparslan got Yannis and put on something else. Rather than Hassan, Yannis went to the field and got into a battle with the warrior. The Lord then, at that point, killed him. After the Lord removed his cap, he understood that he had really killed Yannis.

 AlpArslan Episode 5 urdu subtitles

 AlpArslan Episode 5 English subtitles

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