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Alparslan Episode 8 Urdu Dubbed part 2 by gakharproductions

Alparslan Episode 8 Urdu Dubbed part 2

Alparslan liberated the detainees and entered the palace in this vehicle. Inal goes to the clan and apologizes to Kagri for what he did years prior. Then, at that point, Inal began conversing with Suleiman. In the interim, a vehicle brimming with slaves gets into the palace, yet with extraordinary trouble. Bozan discovers that Alparslan is going to enter the palace and sends a mysterious message to the man. Inal asks Suleiman for troops and backing.

n Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu, Episode 8 Alparslan saw that the vehicle was vacant, however some Byzantine fighters caught it. In the interim, Alpagut comes and saves him. Hassan and Alpagut discussed things that had happened years prior. Trooper Suleiman said it was difficult to enter the palace and return to the clan. Alpagut took Alparslan to the palace's prison and opened the entryway for him.

The overall requested that every one of the fighters call Alparslan. Alparslan acknowledged he was unable to utilize the palace doors and attempted to move up the divider. Later a long battle, everybody aside from Hassan ascended the palace dividers. As Hassan was climbing, Dukas came and began taking shots at him. The bolt shot by Dukas hit the rope and Hassan tumbled to the ground. God saw Hassan captured

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 Urdu Dubbed  part 2 

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