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Kurulus Osman Episode 76 in urdu hindi dubbed

 Kurulus Osman Episode 76 in urdu hindi dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 76 in urdu hindi dubbed

Kurulus Osman Episode 75 Review

In Kurulus Osman episode 76, Osman plans an assault the following day to bring the Turkish youngsters back. While Osman is conversing with his warriors in the timberland, the Byzantines assault them. Rogatus finds data that Ahmed has left Osman in the prison and sent the kids somewhere else. Osman withdrew so as not to lose more warriors.

Osman requests that Kumral mask himself as a minister and lets him know that he will enter the religious community. Abdal acknowledges this mission to save the kids and masks himself as a cleric. Abdal gave his wand to Cherkutai and left. Coses requests that Marie wed Nicola, yet she denies. Malhun asks Bahadir to furtively follow Gokce. Osman gave Abdal counterfeit archives to enter the religious community and began hanging tight for him in the timberland.

Abdal told the gatekeepers in the nursery that they needed to go to admission. Then, at that point, Abdal tied up the two Byzantine troopers and left the room with the kids. Rogat accepts that Abdal can't speak Latin and stops him in the passage of the cloister. Abdal began conversing with Rogatus in Latin and said he was taking the youngsters to the cloister kitchen. Rogatus went to beware of the warriors in the room and discovered that they had been killed by the priestess.

Marie tells Turgut that Coses is attempting to constrain him to wed Nicola. Nicholas discovers that Osman has brought the kids back and is irate. Nicholas says he will assault Sogut to retaliate for Osman and leaves with Rogatus. In the wake of quieting down Boran, Osman promptly got back to his clan. Osman gave over Turkish kids to their families. Later Osman accepted his child, he said that the Byzantines were attempting to change the religion of Turkish kids.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 76 Osman welcomed the protected kids and their families to his tent. Osman served the pre-arranged dishes to his visitors and began eating with them. Ahmed began let Osman know what had occurred at the religious community. Cherkutai converses with Aigul again and inquires as to why he would rather not get hitched. Aigul says again that he would rather not be pitiful, yet Cherkutai says that he will keep on hanging tight for him.

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