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Barbarossa Episode 31 in urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 31 in urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Episode 31 Review

In Barbaroslar episode 31, Meryem says she sat idle. Pietro says he will kick the bucket as a result of what befell Leonardo. As Oruj asks Leonardo a few inquiries, the Knights of Rhodes transport starts to assault them. Gladius began searching for Hizir on the island to get him. Oruj's companions terminated at the knight transport and proceeded with their excursion.. Watch Barbaroslar Episode 31 urdu hindiEnglish dubbeds underneath, Barbaros episode 31 ,Barbarossa Episode 16, Barbarossa Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbed, Barbarosa Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbed

In Barbarosalar (Barbarossa) episode 31 Together with Piri Hizir, he assaulted the knights and afterward went to their boat. At the point when Gladius saw a body in the woods, he promptly went to the harbor and attempted to stop Hizir. Gladius neglected to get him when Hizir made an opening in the boat in the harbor. Shahin says he will accomplish Unita's work. Sahbaz challenges his sibling yet can't stop him. Sahbaz lets Shahin know that he ought to never commit an error in this. Some time later, the emir came to the hotel and said that Oruj had crushed the Christians.

In Barbaroslar Episode 31 (Barbarossa) Oruj says Elijah ought to wed Esther now and needs marriage arrangements done straightaway. Hizir subtly meets Meryem as she meanders the island. Meryem let Hizir know what had occurred in the palace and went with him to Alexandria. Pietro discovers that Meryem has passed on Kalymnos and orders Piri to be killed. Dervish showed up while Antoine and Leonardo were talking in the basement. Dervish said it was essential to help detainees of war and enlighten them concerning his religion.


In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa) Episode 31 Piri says that ages ago she was assaulted by Christian troopers while she was painting a guide of a palace. Piri proceeds with her story and says Dervish saved her. Dervish then, at that point, took Piri to the Sultan's tent. Ruler checks out the photos in Piri's scratch pad and acknowledges how gifted she is. King doesn't rebuff Piri and requests that she keep drawing cards.Watch Barbaroslar Episode 9urdu hindi Dubbeds beneath, Watch Barbaroslar Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbeds underneath, barbarossa episode 16 in english, barbarossa episode 9 in english, Barbarossa Episode 31 Season 1 In Hindi/english, Barbaros episode 31, Barbarossa Episode 31, Barbarossa Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbed, Barbarosa Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbed

The privateers in the motel say that the exchange has been ruined by the Oruj war. Piri said they thoroughly took care of the Muslims in the Mediterranean and crushed the privateers. After Piri leaves the motel, Pietro's men assault her. With Dervish's assistance, Piri routs the aggressors. Piri perceives Dervish and expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance such an extremely long time back. That evening, the wedding festivities began at Oruj's manor.

Gladius assaulted the boat safeguarding Lesbos and caught them quickly. Gladius asked the boat's cannon to set out toward the island. Sahbaz devises an arrangement to get Leonardo out of Oruj and makes a move. The following day, a veiled man enters the prison and kills the Oruj warriors. Antoine is extremely glad to see this man and expresses gratitude toward Pietro.


In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)Episode 31 Isabel learns of her sister's whereabouts and trusts that Oruj in the backwoods will save her. At the point when Piri needed to catch Antoine and Leonardo, the Sahbaz privateers halted her. Sahbaz let Leonardo know what his identity was and embarked to take him to the port. Pietro met with delegates of Christian nations and let them know that they would before long annihilate Turkey in the Mediterranean. A man comes to the palace while Pietro says that Leonardo is just around the corner. This man is Oruj and says he will complete Pietro's arrangement before it begins.

Barbarossa Episode 31 in urdu hindi Dubbed part 1

Barbarossa Episode 31 In urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Episode 31 with urdu hindi Dubbed Full HD

Barbarosa Episode 31urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbarossa Episode 31 In urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar Episode 31 with urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbarosa Episode 31 urdu hindi Dubbed

Barbaroslar (Barbarosa) Episode 31 with urdu hindi Dubbed

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