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Dozens killed by Russian missile strike in Dnipro, Ukraine

Dozens killed by Russian missile strike in Dnipro, Ukraine

Russian missile strike in Dnipro, Ukraine

how could anyone still be alive under

all this more than 24 hours after the

Missile hit and a night and day of

freezing temperatures this is now more a

recovery operation than a rescue and yet

Crews continue to put themselves in

precarious positions as those watching

cling to slim hope Ola told us she can't

find her friends

I don't know where they are but I'm

waiting she said

initially there was hope there might be

pockets of life in the debris workers

would periodically silence their

equipment listening for cries for help

and then push onward one woman was

pulled out after 18 hours buried but she

may be the last

Ukraine's defense Ministry said what did

this was a missile fired from a Russian

heavy bomber that was designed to sink

NATO warships and Russia has used it to

hit civilian targets before CCTV

captured the power of a similar missile

slamming into a shopping mall in

kremenchuk in the summer which killed


nipro's Mayor says he believes the

Russians were aiming at a thermal

Generating Station several kilometers

away but the notoriously inaccurate

missile missed

the horrific consequences of that were

visible when our CBC crew was permitted

to visit a nepro intensive care award


it's hard when patients wake up and

realize they're alone this doctor told

us that their children husband wife or

parents are buried under the debris

we also met olech who was in a fourth

floor apartment when the Missile hit the

hospital asked us to protect patients


he says his entire body was pierced by

flying glass

I wanted to talk to you he told us

because prime minister Justin Trudeau is

a world leader who has mobilized support

for our country and I don't want World

support for Ukraine to weaken

and Chris how are people in the Pro

tonight responding to the Russian attack

I think it's fair to

fair to Grimm pretty somber we've seen

some people come here to bring flowers

we've also seen people come just to try

to provide Comfort to those waiting for

news of people who might still be

trapped inside and it's also very eerie

you know Russia of course for months now

has been trying to bomb and has been

bombing Ukraine's infrastructure and

even though this missile did not hit

that infrastructure many others have so

it's cold it's dark and there's many

houses here that don't have any heat you

know talking to people here there's also

a sense of determination that

heartbreaking moments like this will not

defeat them Ian Chris Brown and nepro

Ukraine thank you

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