Fulham v Chelsea (2-1) | Highlights | Premier League

Fulham v Chelsea (2-1) | Highlights | Premier League

but uh follow me and you just think well that's when players have to be brave and

Joe Phillips on a big run here that's Ralph Felix can you make an instant

impression he rolls it to habers who touches it left to Lewis Hall

now can you see if he can roll it right to the board over Reed who has a go it

crashes back off the crossbar left Away by Shalimar now Willian dangerousness

for Chelsea Willian shifts it again takes a deflection and wouldn't you just

know it journey to Chelsea made here this

evening for this southwest London Derby habits gives Chase with tosin and he's

made like very awkward for him here Roberts has Gerald Felix up in support

takes the touch and fires it at burn Glen Oak Mason Mount standing over this

set piece for them plays it in towards the front post which

he strikes now then it cross the line yes it did and she'll see a level at the

start of this second half in no time at

all would be disappointed you're very disappointed

challenge here we see this very often will report first touch coming

for the top pocket it is a rare card trial Felix out as you look around you

won't see too much support but he does find Kai Hubbards who does wonderfully

well just couldn't termination into this Chelsea side Pereira just hangs one up towards the

if there's half a chance at this stage you know throw it Let It Go but he

obviously felt it wasn't on that soft

side as we pull through as the flex stays down for now saves

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