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Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavs-Lakers Double-OT Thriller

Inside the NBA Reacts to Mavs-Lakers Double-OT Thriller

Inside the NBA reacts to Ben Simmons' 0-PT performance vs. Celtics

I got two minutes to one here on the

East Coast as we bring you inside the

NBA presented by KIA oh I'm still on

West Coast time it's only 10 o'clock I

feel good and fresh Ernie Johnson Kenny

Smith good and Friends well whatever

time it is whatever he is

you can say what time you want to still

Groundhog Day Lakers lost again

give him a little credit for coming back

from 19 and well you want a cookie no

I'm going to put just a pace control no

I'm not saying that I'm just saying you

don't think the Lakers will play a

better basketball over the last 15 games

they lost again oh no but they they've

won a lot of games check are we giving

participation trophies now hey if you

talk about the Lakers you better talk

about your sons with the same disrespect

oh I might change my son my Rockets I'm

not okay let's watch what we're waiting

on let's watch the highlights

I can tell y'all America I'll be like

black people in the movie don't go

through that door

don't go to that door why what's gonna

happen oh that still somebody gonna get

killed okay Tim Hardaway from Luca you

don't have to be screaming in the movie

that's you you never know I hate people

don't talk to him those black people

and then LeBron gets it stripped so I

know let's get the rebound

what'd you say I know he ain't letting

him get the rebound black people in the


tying the game at 86. that was old trail

by 19 in this one and they made it close

America oh look at a Christian Wood

Luca getting his 10th triple double on

the night oh got him

Westbrook again had 28. you know it's

interesting how stupid the Mavs are at

times the Mavs yeah okay what was stupid

well they played the first quarter had

the big league when they were running

and gunning and then they won the game

reason why they took the ball out of

Lucas hands

why don't they do that more often

I mean that was the two perfect example

why they are mediocre teams you can look

I don't have to make every play

jump ball called here as LeBron went up

Luca thought it was a travel

well he only thought that because it was

well LeBron didn't file the other guy

and then so who's the final

there was confusion raining


they eventually said it was a foul

Bullock on Westbrook

so you didn't hear

you see a call when that happened and

this is another example of these dumbass

NBA players foul foul foul too late now

we had this argument every night I filed

100 of the time not 90 not 60 100 of the


but Luca ties it up oh that was that was

the phone

yeah but you can't call them

Ben Gundy explained it's behind us yeah

no falls out of his hand already please

stop so we're going overtime

and the longer the game goes on the

better team always has a chance

Westbrook where was that getting into

Lucas that's so that was stupid well he

thought something well he got lucky

because Luca missed both free throws but

that was smart that was not a problem no

no you know Luke is not gonna Mitch you

know what Stan had a great point I don't

think they knew the rule oh oh anybody

could have shot though yeah well you

would have won it no you want you want

it harder it was 80 89 shooter when

you're Gabriel again three-point play

another three-point game

I wouldn't have filed that's too much

time this was just a bad play right here

right I thought LeBron was taking the

floater yeah

Paul gets knocked away we are going to

double overtime the fifth double

overtime game of the NBA season wait

wait can you just imagine the mouse

actually gated ball that somebody else

wants that that's why they've been

playing well lately yeah well they

should do it more often

Westbrook again

last ten yeah but they still got to play

faster stupid

yeah I promise you'll be good enough

okay I apologize the lead back for

Dallas I mean you did say a guy was

playing good how about Christian Wood

had a handful of people the blocks were


Ben Spencer was really big as well

getting to the rim not selling for the

three kind of like Bronson last year in

the playoffs

all right take your time LeBron just put

it up give me that another block by 35.

huge night for Christian Wood oh and

Spencer Dinwiddie shoot over that chair

oh about the jump hook shoot over that


Wendy and Gabriel trying to keep him in

it three-point game and that's when the

whole I didn't like that shot right

there I didn't dislike it but I didn't

like it

you didn't dislike it but you didn't

like it yeah I wouldn't have gone to the

store to buy it but it's all right on

other people but all right so somebody

gave it to him

119 115 double OT a spirited and

physical January game

in L.A as the Lakers fall to 19 and 23

they've lost two in a row Dallas 24-19

snapped their two-game losing streak now

head to Portland for games on Saturday

and Sunday while the Lakers have the

Sixers the Rockets the Kings and the

Grizz coming to crypto.com well they

ended they playing in the right building

I got a question for you Shaq yes sir

because you had me a little confused

when I had to get out the pad earlier

got it you said the Lakers will be

seated five through eight yeah five six

seven eight but you also said they won't

need a play in game so what's the only

way you get the seven or eight is if

you're in the play oh sorry I didn't

know the news no that's just it's always

been the rule when you oh it's been the

rule last couple years so so is are they

going to need the play in then to get in

or are they going to be or explain the

rules again player game is what seven

and eight play nine and ten play you

know if you win the first game seven

eight then you're in is this yes they

are they are what yeah you're gonna need

to play okay they will need a plan yes

but but according to the old letter of

the law six seven eight you're still in

the playoffs yeah it used to it before

you had the playing game so I was right

no you wasn't right that was right no

you weren't right we had to play by the

rules of the day not the ones in your

day no you have to play better no no no

no no you play by the rules what'd the

Lakers show you tonight Kenny and what

did Dallas show you at this by the time

I just think I just think that Dallas is

starting the final rhythm

we'll start there because we we talked

about Lakers a lot but I think we're

starting to find a rhythm of of

um diversion of their offense like it's

it's it's diverse it has some uh

flexibility to it the biggest thing is

they don't the reason they don't get

fast break points as well as they don't

also uh create enough steals uh

defensively they kind of sit back call

what I call a 21 defense they dare you

to shoot over the top so everyone's just

like okay we're going to give you these

shots so then you don't get steals you

don't get into passing Lanes

I understand that but I would never do

that when Luke is in the game when Luke

is not in the game I got to play faster

uh and and how can he play faster

because I want him to touch the ball

possibly not every time no I'm not

saying it but that's gonna happen

because he's such a great player he is a

magnet you know when he's not in the

game he what Spencer Spencer dinner was

the only other guy that can create a

shot what Tim Hardaway can do it too and

we can do it Tim harder cannot create a


we just saw them with a dude I think

Hardaway can do it I think wood can do

it like I said this was a perfect

situation like like in Stan bank I said

the first quarter like they don't

normally play like this they had six

they had six fast break points early in

the game they had two in the second half

in overtime combined I know they don't

play Phantom but also as I said

these guys are all good players yeah but

all of a sudden like listen Bronson

didn't all of a sudden last year become

a good player they just gave him the

ball and I really think Christian Wood

can do that I think I didn't really

prove this night and I think Hardaway

can do it Chuck besides besides

Dinwiddie you want him taking a rough

shots or taking easy wide open shots

well well I don't want them just giving

the ball to Luca and just let him play

one-on-one the whole game I never answer

my question do you want Christian Woods

out there yeah well I think Christian

was a good player I think Hardaway is a

good player rather than Luca coming up

to pick and roll throwing it back for a

wide open three but then that's not

going to work against the elite teams

yeah I think what what I would agree

with chuck on this Shack is I don't

think that you can play an NBA game and

win a series hitting tough shots

like consistently through your offense

there has to be a point where you have

an 8.80 run where you're getting it off

transition and you don't that takes like

a seven point lead to 15. and then if

they make they run you're still up but

if you don't get if you don't get those

transition baskets and you keep those

leads that's seven I think not even NBA

High School I think the only other guy

that can create a shot on the team is

Spencer dinner check let me let me make

the one Ernie repeat that fast break

stack again at six early and they had

two in the second half and in the two

open times that's impossible no it's no

no no I'm in a 24 second shot clock that

seems like possible like

in every NBA team I've ever played on

you run the fast break and then you run

your offense if you don't get a layup

that's not how they play today well no

that's well no that's not how they play

well first of all if every team in NBA

is averaging 110 points a game some

teams are doing it more mainly most of

them like they're they're getting their

109 because Luca's great but they're not

going to beat the Elite teams like that

it's hard to like that's called crazy

stats to get get that many fast break

points in an NBA game but you think

about this if you if you put every NBA

player in a pickup game

the one thing that you can all you will

always see is in transition they can

score like ever there's not an NBA

player that you could look at and go if

I've watched I went I was this summer I

saw at one of the school high schools I

was watching

NBA players play pickup and when you

watch it you go in transition all of

these guys are great but the great

players can play in transition and then

they can also play in the half court

everyone in the NBA can play in

transition there's not a player that not

cannot play in transition uh so double

overtime Dallas a winner 119 115.


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