KSI vs. FaZe Temper Full Card Highlights |UNBELIEVABLE ACTION of ksi

KSI vs. FaZe Temper Full Card Highlights |UNBELIEVABLE ACTION of ksi

Highlights from the KSI vs. FaZe Temper card from the Ovo Arena, London. Presented by Autozone.

but first it's the tale of the take

Taylor 33 years old Virgo 29 years old

he is a professional boxer 120-1 is his

record Anthony Taylor just two and three

in the sweet sights

walks right into that chap Peterson's

starting to turn up on him here yeah

certainly looks full of confidence

slipped yeah Anthony's Dead Tired guys


not sure about that though the decision

though is final he is gassed completely

really gotta turn on your Anthony

Taylor's down big you need something big

Here people are ready to go

we got 30 seconds I'm telling you right

now this is gonna be 30 seconds of Hell

Taylor showing a lot of heart and

courage click on it with the left candy

hang in there that is the real question

with interest just constantly coming his

way 20 seconds right hand Taylor

does Taylor even have enough strength if

he does land a big shot go

come on so down goes and they're in the

third what's around and what's around

yeah you can just see there's no Steam

on the punches of Taylor it just to

switch to South Pole probably to throw

Anthony off I don't like the switch man

that right hand from Anthony

Taylor has given it at all he's giving

you every

everything that's pure fatigue and

frustration from Anthony Taylor took his

mouthpiece out time


you gotta show this referee you want to

be in here I know he's frustrated he

wasn't going to win on the scorecards

anyway it doesn't matter right exactly

get up and beat him up

there's a left for Taylor just doesn't

have it

have a juice

solid for four minutes it is x-series

debuted by Birmingham England

pure domination

ladies and gentlemen after four rounds

of oxy we go to the judges scorecards

all judges scored about

40-32 and your winner by unanimous

decision Idris the body breaker

L Brook Faith Ordway three-rounder super

lightweight division by the way happy

birthday to L Brooke turned 25 on

Thursday Big Man City fan as she's let

the world know Faith Ordway has over 5

million combined followers on Instagram

and Tick Tock let's see how each of

these women do in their debut in the

ring to Hops

second round first round


got a lot of technique

I'll see my head is down face one a good

job keeping her chin down

right wave okay here's the jab thing I

might get gas Wade Elle's not used to

getting hit guys not like that

that's a good point Dee say that again



there I'm telling you they're trading

someone's gonna fall again


oh my God

oh my gosh

whoa the comeback whoa

all right it's time for our tale of the

tape Ryan Taylor is back hopes to be

back with a vengeance after a tough loss

in his last bout he'll be taken on

swarms Mad Men the madman madman how mad

will he be tonight this is only three

rounds nine minutes folks here's hops

this first 20 seconds is going to tell

us a lot absolutely

I like that

and you see immediately though what Ryan

wants to do okay throw a punch to clicks

someone yelled lovely start in this the

match was six seconds in

but swarms does look much better

look at that Johnson about him he's

shivering oh yeah that'll stop that

little job that was nice okay

baby oh hey Brian might be hurt again

Ryan's going to live right there all

fights that jab caught him right above

excuse me right below the left eye and

he's gonna try to Blitz

is he cut it's pulling at it yeah he

feels it he may have broken your orbital

bro it's landed big time

cool you okay swarms knows it too go get

him swarming does it swarms knows it

yeah I think he might have broken the

orbital yeah serious trouble yeah what

are we saying

that ain't no way boys

it was big time and when you see a

fighter Pawn their face

is he saying I can't see out of it no he

said he can't see yeah that's probably


that's it

swarms basically landed one punch and

that was all that was needed one punch

man a very stiff jab swans one punch man

and one jab ended this fight

it's B Dave

the screamer on the right versus the

mean mugging Luis alcaraz Pineda they're

both in their early 20s Pineda as he did

against KSI will have an extreme height

and reach Advantage will he use it

though three rounds into Haas

this don't look like the same tornado

I'm saying look at the balance

and look at that reach

be Dave has to throw it move his head

is Casper here yeah he is

the crowd behind him that takes it out

of you hey that's an adrenaline dope


yeah Dave could go to the body to get

those hands down for Pineda that will

allow there to be rude to crack him on

the chin and I know he needs to stop

it's here but he's got to be patient man

he's just walking in the range to get

clinched right set this shot up

Dave still believes he can land that

right hand and end it he needs something

this round and guys get a knock down oh


10 seconds to go here comes

he's fighting

and look what it means to the Mexican to

come back in England the side of his

embarrassing loss to KSI and he beats B

Dave as the mystery opponent we'll jump

right into our tale of the take cannot

wait for this one as king Kenny joins me

again here ringside salt poppy he's got

skills but he says he hasn't showed us

what he can do defensively that doesn't

sound that exciting but if he can duck

and move and sting with the counters

watch out Josh Bruckner go up for the

Gusto he wants to win tonight and then a

date with KSI four rounds Cruiser wake


this is where Josh should be excelling

he's the longer fighter should be

touching Poppy

man wants a shot he may not get up so

he's struggling here

man oh man it is our co-main event of

the evening let's get to it there he is

Slim albahar 28 years old six feet tall

weighed in just under 170 pounds so

Zanetti about six pounds heavier but he

is shorter and slim will enjoy a reach

Advantage as well we've already had a

mystery opponent but Slim's opponent's

skills are a mystery how good is Tom

Zanetti we're about to fight out into

the ring and hops


good start for Zanetti yeah Slim's

reaching a bit too much here but he's

not gonna win the round with just one

landed punch

gotta follow up with it

man they are trading

a little bit of strategy there from slim

play on Tom make him hold that weight

you know he's already a bit tired


that right here from Jamaica

I tell you what Tom's and Eddie's got a

little Ricardo Mayorga in him man go

watch some Zone Classics and learn all

about him oh

that one hurt Tom

he's got a fight oh he's a fighter this

is a fighter just what you think Tom's

out he gets back in I love it

nice Parry there but listen straight

shots beat looping ones every single


his skill is just not there right nice

slim showing a different look out of

Southpaw I don't like it defensively for

him yeah he switches back but out of

softball that right hand has a better

opening for him


truly this last 30 seconds good for you


bring it home boys

after four rounds of bucks if we go to

the judges scorecards

judge Ken Curtis scores the ballot


Jack Goodwin scores the bound 39 to 37.

judge Gareth Morris scores about

39-38 and your winner by unanimous


and still the mystery like heavy

women of the world

our main event of the evening KSI versus

FaZe temper

four inches taller with a slight reach

Advantage he's got to use that over this

six rounds if he wants to have any

chance of upending

k s i

there we go

six rounds KSI and Tipper this right

here is when the fight's gonna be

decided can KSI get to range can tip or

keep him out of it


Tommy's got to stay on his bike don't

get lulled into playing the trade games


but they're connected hey yeah those

shots land and they hurt

when you're swinging that wide there

will be opportunities for Tipper to take

advantage with that straight left hand

Tommy's already getting a little long he

needs to shorten up a bit he's telling

with that jab the fates are a little too

much KSI having fun in there

short shot

the right hand of phase or temper rather

connected that's what it's going to take


KSI running on to one nice left hand


and KSI said this week I'm willing to

eat those to get to where I want to get

to yeah


FaZe wants to stay at distance he does

look very relaxed though and composed

even though KSI is coming rushing in

he's very composed gotta work angles if

you're Tommy though he can't attack in

straight lines KSI can step back and to

land a bomb


he can pick his shots guys

getting closer and closer here

when he gets close

except we're already looking a little

better than I'm sure a lot of people

thought he would yeah good basis

for KSI you want to add the right in

here right change angles here get Tommy

something to look at he hasn't seen


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