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Our review of HBO's The Last of Us World Premiere

Our review of HBO's The Last of Us World Premiere

hey guys we are here today for a very

special reason we got invited to The

Last of Us HBO show first episode World

premiere fancy schmancy event because

we're better than you they basically and

while the reviews are pouring in we

wanted to tell you what we thought about

the first episode and the experience of

going to the event and schmoozing with

the people like Neil druckman rubbing

elbows who rubbed his elbow a little too

hard you had to ask Shelby to stop

rubbing his elbow because if you're

going to bribe us with an after party

and drinks and goodie bags then we need

to incorporate that into what we think

of your show first things first okay we

saw the first episode only did you like

it I did not like it

I loved it it was really good it was

pretty good it was really free it was

pretty good and I've sat through that

game like three or four times now and I

went into it being like I'm not gonna

cry and then she certainly cried very

much in public surrounded by famous

people yeah okay now remember we're not

allowed to spoil anything in fact before

the show started Nick Offerman came on

the speakers and he said that if we

spoil anything he will I think the exact

words where he would destroy us and he

mentioned us by name specifically he

pointed us out first thing we should

discuss is the casting which is the

thing that I think the most people are

curious about because Gamers have been

fan casting a movie In Their Heads since

the original game came out we always

knew that whoever was going to

inevitably play live action Joel and

Ellie they would have some humongous

shows to fill yes I think that's a major

concern how can you replace Troy Baker

and Ashley Johnson that's fine

a couple days from now we'll probably be

dead anyway it was a worry that I had

sure I was a little worried however I'm

happy to announce that I was wrong to

worry Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are

Joel and Ellie I think they crushed it I

think they crushed its butt Pedro Pascal

does an amazing Jewel great Joel I can't

wait for him to tell me that he is not

my daddy I can I don't think I'll be

able to handle it and Bella Ramsey as

Ellie a little bit stole the show

think sorry she's really good really

good that's so Ellie that's so Ellie the

moment that they crossed paths was

instant chemistry and what you said

before was that that you were worried

for whoever was going to have to replace

Troy and Ashley I would argue that they

didn't replace them they built upon it

yes good way to put it so with the

success of casting a live-action Joel

and Ellie out of the way that brings us

to the setting because in the last of us

the world and environment is a character

in itself it is oh I love that the folks

behind the costumes the set design the

props the lights special effects you

guys absolutely crushed it I felt like I

was in the game I have never seen

anything like this as far as video game

adaptations go now I didn't have the

game playing side by side with the

episode but guaranteed the day after

this episode airs there's gonna be

comparison videos I know that they won't

be exactly mirror images but when you're

watching it it feels like man every

raindrop or piece of scrap metal is

straight out of the game and I don't

think anyone's ever successfully done

that before there's a new bar now for

video game adaptations sorry Mila

yokovic to be fair though to other video

game adaptations The Last of Us was

already so much like a movie and there's

a lot of cut scenes and a lot of set

pieces that lend themselves to

one-to-one Recreations the last thing we

should discuss are the moments of the

last of us where the storytelling

doesn't happen during a cut scene it

happens during game play because that's

really the tricky part of making a video

game adaptation I don't know how much

they're going to play with this in

future episodes but in episode one I did

notice that the cinematography gets more

immersive during moments of the show

that are being adapted from moments in

the game where you're controlling the

camera it's not in your face like the

Doom movie where it's like a first

person all of a sudden and it's like

cheesy but they do kind of get more

creative with the camera work to immerse

you more if that makes sense but before

we give you our final score we need to

discuss the event itself that's right

because all of the little schmoozing and

elbow rubbing and sparkly shiny things

and free food they dangled into our

faces that's going to factor into this

final score the premiere itself first of

all it was so pouring rain which I did

not appreciate so next time make sure

you discuss it with you it just so

happened that the moment we arrived the

whole cast were on the red carpet at

that moment we just walked in completely

wet glasses covered in water I could not

couldn't see and I know Pedro Pascal was

not thinking about us at all no no he

was he was but on the off chance that

he's a huge fan we're sorry Pedro Pascal

if you really wanted to meet us but we

were too wet so that was fun though to

see people on the red carpet it was just

like the movies it's just like you see

on the TV and then we went into the

theater we had tickets we were like okay

we're probably in the nosebleeds back

there here we go we're going to our

seats the row is D and we're

we see like you know famous people and

we see oh there's Troy Baker I bet we

passed him they put us ahead of Troy

Baker we're like goodbye Troy enjoy the

back of my head and then and then we see

D it's very close to the screen front

row it was very big there was a crick in

the neck it was a huge here's the

reenactment of us watching the episode

in our seats

yeah okay so we watched the show we get

up and we go guess what we were invited

to the after party we walk in wow a huge

beautiful set piece gorgeous lighting

people walking around

and I can't hear what they're saying to

me and I'm like yes uh-huh yeah DJ

making noise DJ Making a little too much

noise that's another note there was no

dance floor or anything so if there's no

dance floor hey I'm trying to talk to my

friends here you know I can't hear my

voice is cracking because I'm talking

loudly and then when you when you talk

loudly it's like you're making more

breath and so people's breath are

hitting you and you're worried now that

your breath is hitting there because

you're huh

nice to meet you

the really cool part was the drinks they

were themed the clicker there was the

something about the qz and there was

look for the light and it had a light so

it was this glowing drink my one thing

is we had just watched a really scary

show about gross fungi that causes

problems and all the the drinks had

fungi flavored syrup in them so it was

like tequila but also like shiitake

besides getting drinks and taking photos

at the cool set pieces they made there

was also a very long line to stand in to

get a survival kit

it says warning cancer and reproductive

harm so we're gonna have to knock some

points off for that so this was really

fun to do and I really like this so much

and in 40 years I'm going to take this

to Pawn Stars and retire probably

probably yeah here's my critique for

this really cool and thoughtful free

nice thing that you gave me when I

opened this it's an actual survival kit

there's gauze in here I wanted a toy

I think it's cool not gauze it is cool

though I'm being ungrateful I'm grateful

for a little bit I wanted candy well we

were in line for the survival things it

was right by the dessert table and

Shelby just kept grabbing them well just

like you wanted to try one of each drink

I wanted each dessert I didn't have

three drinks in my hand at once though

so efficient another fun thing was all

of the cool people that we got to meet

and now listen I told Shelby to be cool

I told Shelby to be cool I said you

gotta act like you know how to hang okay

this is HBO here but Shelby was just

like a meerkat just I like to look which

is fine I get I was also looking there's

trip cutie I was so excited when I saw

Jeff Hughley that first episode of Last

of Us is a little better because Jeff

Keeley was there that night I think but

here's the thing when you're at one of

these events you don't want to bother

yeah anyone who is a part of the show or

the really famous people this is their

big night we didn't want to be one of

the thousands of people going up and I

don't want to interrupt anything so we

were very polite about that although

next time Troy Baker be certain that if

I see you again

you will know who I am having said that

about us being polite and not invading

anyone's space Jeff Keeley did not get

that kindness he had nothing to do with

the show so we saw Jeff Healey and said

hello we're gonna interrupt your evening

right now luckily incoming girlfriend

reviews luckily his evening consisted of

walking around alone eating a cupcake

and then we saw one opening and we said

he was very busy time until he wasn't

and he had his brief moment to eat his

cupcake and we pounced we pounced on

Jeff Keeley we weren't sure if he knew

who we were we have done a lot of jokes

about Jeff Healey and Shelby's dressed

up as him and sing a song and he did

like that he interacted with it and he

followed us so we thought maybe and then

when we went up to him he didn't quite

know who we were but then when we told

him he goes oh yeah yeah I gotta go for

reviews yeah I know we were like okay

Jeff and then he was very nice he was so

nice and he invited us to the game

awards he said you better come to the

game awards and I said okay yeah and he

said here let me have your email and I

said okay yeah and here's the email we

got from him it said from Jeff Healey

subject hey and in the body of the email

nothing just nothing and then the only

other person that we really really would

have liked to talk to but arguably was

the most sought after person of the

night yeah was Neil druckman yeah if

this was anybody's night I think it was

probably it was Neil's night but listen

Neil druckman in the past he reached out

to us that's right he slid in the

Twitter DMS yeah and he was very nice to

us in Twitter he was very kind to us

about our understanding The Last of Us

Part Two video and the subsequent place

that shall not be named Drama We felt

compelled to you know say hey we

appreciate your support but he was very

busy it wasn't happening because he's

the he's the guy you know and as we're

leaving who other but Neil druckman Taps

on our shoulders he says wait wait I

wanted to talk to you before you leave

so nice wow so we got to talk to Neil

druckman and he was just delightful and

I got to uh ask him a few things

that's right and he said this is off the

Record and I said of course Neil but

obviously Neil I'm going to tell

everyone right now what you said Neil

told me that Last of Us Part three is

done it's coming out next week oh

there's an airplane

Neil oh my God Neil called the police

because we told the secrets just kidding

Neil didn't tell us any big big secrets

but based on what I've heard you know on

the Grapevine uh from the big grape


it sounds like HBO and naughty dog

aren't around and based on what we saw

in the first episode and just like the

event itself and and just like the vibe

of everyone you know you could tell that

people were proud it's my guess that the

show is going to be successful and that

naughty dog has some big things planned

all right well shall we calculate our

final score for the first episode of The

Last of Us yeah on HBO let's start with

our 10 out of 10. we were wet yeah it

was raining so uh no popcorn we were too

intimidated to stand in line to get

popcorn too nervous to ask I also have

down here that Neil did not mention Us

in his speech before the episode started

but she'll go ahead and take one off for

that unfortunately you're gonna have to

take this from the score we had to

remind Jeff Keeley of who we were so go

ahead and take that down

um I have on here in my notes uh

survival kit had no candy and then uh

mushroom stuff the mushroom drinks were

too many mushrooms for Matt but you know

what you can add that back I like the

mushrooms okay so it Even's out all

right so I guess our final score is five

out of ten yeah jokes about bribery

aside this is not Shilling we are not

boot looking it actually was genuinely

really good it was really good I was

very moved and I was very impressed at

least as far as the first episode goes I

have no idea from episode two on it

could be a complete [ __ ] show yeah you

don't know yeah like they could like

main character

season make you somebody


so yeah it was really fun for us and we

hope you like this quick video keep your

eyes peeled for an actual episode of

girlfriend reviews coming at you very

soon and you know what after all that

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