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Stars vs. Golden Knights | NHL Highlights

Stars vs. Golden Knights | NHL Highlights

the Nick was been bumped up to play the

right wing on Jack eichel's line

Braden McNabb King korsak on the back

end Colin Miller the former golden

Knight with a wrist shot that dropped

his own man tied to landria a 10-and-2

against the central this year

Brian souder into the offensive end down

the wall backhands it across out of the

reach of yoel kibiranta and a wrist shot

from the left side turned away of the

Stick of Freddie olipson Colin Miller

back to get it

playing on the Stars top defense pair is

the former golden Knight with Miro

hastenin out High Alex petrangelo shot

and a blocker save by Jay cottinger of

course golden Knight Tire Bruce Cassidy

eight days after the Boston Bruins let

him go

they have both landed on their feet

Connor one hands it on Net Dodgers are

able to turn that away you have to make

him move to beat him and you have to get

on top of him for a second chance

couldn't afford to keep him

it's been the first 30 games this year

with Tyler Sagan as a line mate rishawn

on from Olufsen turned away by Logan

Thompson he's the guy they look to

especially when you have you know

mention of Mark Stone out of the lineup

it's gonna be guys like ikel Stevenson

the misfit line to step up there's a

Matteo on the wall Jamie Ben takes it

away his show and he scores

Jamie man curled into the slot and rips

it home golden knights have allowed the

first goal for the eighth time in their

last nine games there's amadio he kind

of loses it good pressure and Ben just

spins up to the high slot and beats

Thompson to the blocker's side that's

Ben's 17th of the Season at just 18 last

year in 82 games

and the Stars up one nothing

the dinners carry on off

tonight Thompson on Marchman that stung

him up high

olafson pinned by Carlson loose Puck

foxer shot and a save made Thompson now

Lindell indeed

olafson behind the net feeds it back

towards lintel just went off the toe of

his stick

to petrangelo

Carlson with Smith coming trying to feed

him the Smith Smith had to just roll

away from him

he's hobble as the puck goes to the far

side of the ice


turned away by Thompson


Puck loose in the corner battle fort out

highest for tarantulone around Kessel

looking shot saved up here on the

rebound off the skate up Carlson

pop three along the wall and Miller up

but not out korzak keeps it in

heavy collision between Connor and Glenn


Stars haven't landed a shot in over six

minutes but have a lead on the Jamie Ben

goal loving it down is Huck and pop out

High kibiranta cuts into the middle and

his shot turned away by Thompson a good

look for yoel kibiranta the landriel

looking to run it out held in by wad

dumps it to the open side and Mario on

the floor check

and the second period underway

and cotter Angelo and Hague to begin the


Jason Robertson back to sing in a little

give and Go pass out High picked off by

wah and he'll feed it up not out held in

by Ben

Robertson out High to hasten and his

shop Locker safe Thompson a rebound and

he turned away Robertson Dodge came

after here nikwa trying to get it

doesn't Elevate the puck Ben keeps it

into the blue line and then after that

it's a couple of plays and that best

chance for the stars the initial shot

and then the rebound by Robertson is

we bumped into Tyler shaving on the way

into the building today it's hard to

believe he's going to be 31 years old

the end of the month

certainly is

shot on from Sagan as he went down to

the ice and Thompson with a good save


Mart you're so looking to Phoenix Smith

and a save made on jerk cleanest look

the golden knights have had now Marsha

so in tight and under hey that's saved

trying to work it out of there Marcia

soul kibiranta hayskin and has it

across to Miller wrist shot that's

deflected wide

marcheso Off the Wall hasten and

pinching in to keep it in for Dallas

with a wrist shot score

through traffic glendenning was in front

keeping run to Let It Go from out high

it's two-nothing Stars

roll out High there's Glenn Denning in

front him and petrangel a puck changes


I think it might have hit Alex

petrangelo's stick

as it goes in the Stars up two nothing


and suddenly about this Dallas Stars

team Bruce Scott said they're real


along with eichel and wa Cotter and

petrangelo in the power play unit

translo of the point into the middle for

Stevenson Echo lets it rip button

put it back towards the net

in favor of Dallas

third period begins

golden knights looking for a spark down

two nothing NAB up ahead to Marshall so

feeds it two Carlson with Smith coming

Carlson to Smith and he put it up over

the net here's that play earlier Marcel

you can see him he reads the pinch so he

backs off and then across ice pass to

Carlson who sets up Smith

and Riley Smith trying to go short side

gets it up and over then that is

under moving I'm sure he got a piece of

that right shoulder or not but

a good chance and now Sagan looking to

move it ran into the wall Puck loose to

Robertson behind the net feeds it in

front of Thompson he stopped saying it

on the rebound too

not two big saves for Logan Thompson to

keep his team within Striking Distance

starts Captain absorbs a hit from Braden


crowd trying to get the home team into

it with a can of go Knights goal

Lundqvist across the line to sooner

Rickshaw score

Wyatt Johnson was in front

long-range wrist shot from Ryan sooner

if it goes to sooner it's his first goal

of the Year Johnson's in front but it's

there's the Battle Stars get it moving

to the point Little D to D

and just a shot through the net and it

changes Direction

all right that catches Alex petrangelo's


and it goes off petrangelo and pass

against Lundqvist

now hawkenbaugh gets it back knocked

down by freeze


Smith will feed it in

Lindell back to get it

will send it around the boards and

trangelo giving Chase

with Robertson pavelski keeps it in

Sagan for the open net scores

it's a four nothing Dallas lead Tyler


tucks home his 12th

I'm just running out of energy these

guys on the ice Patronus battles for the

puck just trying to send it out of the

way and pavowski follows it up gives it

to Sagan as he collects it right inside

the blue line

pretty much over that point but eight

players out of the lineup due to injury

right now Mark Stone was the big one to

lose him the captain as well and you

hope that there's some good news you

know will carrier now Martinez but all

that said you've got to find a way to

overcome and that's what the goal of

knights are going to have to do

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