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Who is Matteo Messina Denaro? Matteo Messina Denaro arrested

Who is Matteo Messina Denaro? Matteo Messina Denaro arrested

Italy's most-wanted fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro has finally been arrested after 30 years of manhunt. He is allegedly one of the leading figures of the Sicilian crime syndicate, Cosa Nostra mafia. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

on to Italy now where the Most Wanted

fugitive of the country Mateo Messina

the narrow has been caught the Sicilian

Godfather was Italy's number one most

wanted criminal he evaded the police for

30 long years but the Manhunt has

finally come to an end

if you have watched The Godfather movies

then you might be familiar with the

notorious Cosa Nostra Mafia

it is a real life Sicilian crime

syndicate and the narrow is allegedly

one of its leading figures he was born

in 1962 in a criminal family his father

Francesco or Don cecio was himself a

powerful kosanostra boss

and Donato thrived in the family

business Reports say he learned how to

use a gun at the age of 14 and he was

just 20 when he followed his father into

the mob

he built an illicit multi-billion

dollars Empire in the waist wind energy

and Retail sectors the mafia boss also

oversaw racketeering money laundering

and drug trafficking

people knew him by the name diabolic

after a comic book character now this

character is a ruthless Thief who

commits serious crimes and denial

similarities with the comic anti-hero

earned him that nickname

according to the informers and

prosecutors he holds the key to some of

the Sicilian mafia's most heinous crimes

in 1992 dinaro killed legendary

anti-mafia prosecutors Giovanni Falconi

and Paolo borcelino

a year later he carried out deadly bomb

attacks in Milan Florence and Rome but

his most denounced crimes are the murder

of rival Mobsters innocent relatives

dinaro kidnapped a mafia turncoats 12

year old son he used the boy as a

leverage he attempted to dissuade the

turn Court from giving evidence against

the mafia

the boy was in his captivity for two

years but ultimately The Narrows

strangled him to death and dissolved his

body in acid

the mobster once infamously claimed that

he has filled a cemetery all by himself

dinaro was tried and sentenced to Life

In Absentia and the quest to locate

dinaro was complicated he had been on

the lamp since 1993 since the police

stiphoned the Crackdown and as a result

there was uh there weren't any recent

photographs to actually identify him all

his pictures were from the late 1980s

and early 90s and they weren't of much


so how did the anti-mafia police get a

hold of this criminal mastermind

the Italian authorities reconstructed

the narrow's appearance digitally they

fed the information provided by the

mafia turncoats into a computer software

to achieve this feat but even then it

took them years to succeed

some informants revealed that the narrow

underwent facial surgeries to mislead

the police

now this seems like the plot of an

Underworld movie but it's true in August

2021 an Italian public TV broadcaster

released a recording dating back to

march 1993. in this recording dinaro was

called to testify in a trial before he

went into hiding

the mobster's voice was identified for

the first time

with such little identification dozens

of people were accidentally arrested

instead of the narrow over the years

every time investigators seem to get

closer to their target dinaro would once

again fade away

he would disappear and reappear around

the world

former Mobsters claimed to have seen him

in Spain England Germany South America

others said he had never left his

stronghold in Sicily

tracing Donato's footsteps was an uphill

task but the Italian investigators did

not give up year after year they

relentlessly seized his businesses they

arrested more than 100 of his

Confederates including cousins nephews

his sister little by little Italian

prosecutors gotched the Earth around the


they cut off his contact with his

supporters who protected him in hiding

finally the military police got it right

dinaro was living under a false name he

was receiving treatment for cancer and

had an operation last year

he was in a private clinic in Palermo

when more than a hundred members of the

Armed Forces busted the site people

stood in the streets and applauded the

anti-mafia police as the narrow was led


the premier Georgia Maloney panned the

Armed Forces for their achievement she

called it a great victory for the state

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