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Reminder: Get 19 Great PS4 Games Before PS Plus Ends Tomorrow

Reminder: Get 19 Great PS4 Games Before PS Plus Ends Tomorrow

As promised, we are happy to announce that 19 PS4 games will be removed tomorrow, May 9, 2023. PS Plus . Or, more specifically, Sony announced the PS Plus collection .

In case you didn't know, the PS Plus Collection is, um, a collection of critically acclaimed PS4 games available to PS Plus Essential, Extra and Premium subscribers of the Collection PS5. This was an initiative Sony pushed ahead of his 2020 PS5 launch to sweeten the deal for early adopters of the current-gen console.

If you claim these PS Plus collectible games now, you'll still have access to them as long as you're a PS Plus subscriber, even after the collection is removed. Again, it takes a week to see them all added to the library.

The PS Plus collection includes many PS4 must-plays such as Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, The Last of Us Remastered and more. A PS Plus subscription always adds a lot of value, especially if you're new to PlayStation.You can find the full list of PS Plus Collection games by clicking this link.

Got all of these PS Plus Collection games? Remind yourself again in the comments section below.

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