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Matteo Messina Denaro arrested | ViolentItalian mafia boss caught after decades on the run

Matteo Messina Denaro arrested | ViolentItalian mafia boss caught after decades on the run

Italy most wanted fugitive has been arrested after evading capture for 30 years. Caryn Ceolin with how police tracked down convicted mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro and why his arrest is a landmark moment in the fight against organized crime.

Italian police have arrested its number

one fugitive and mafia boss Mateo

Messina de narrow dinaro was arrested at

a private clinic in Sicily after three

decades On The Run he was convicted of

dozens of murders and faces multiple

life sentences with more let's turn to

ctv's Chief International correspondent

Paul Workman Paul tell us more about the

arrest of Mateo Messina dinaro and why

it's significant

well wait for the movie version on this

one Marcia the last Godfather as he's

being called you're right he'd been on

the run for 30 years and was believed to

be the person behind some terrible Mafia

in spite her inspired crimes he uh a

bombing attack of two anti-mafia

prosecutors quite legendary prosecutors

in in Sicily who were killed in 1992

bombings in Milan in Florence in Rome

that killed a lot of people the

kidnapping of a 12 year old boy who was

later killed his father was about to

testify against dinaro and they grabbed

the boy to try to persuade the father

not to not to talk so that's the scale

of what's happened here with this uh

with this mafia boss he was probably

going to be or was considered at one

point to be the the biggest Mafia Boss

in all of of Sicily uh his

um he had a nickname which was diabolic

and he once boasted that he himself had

filled a cemetery Marcia and tell us

about how authorities were able to track

him down and where they arrested him

yeah that's the interesting part we

don't really know exactly how they found

him he was he was apparently getting

treatment in a clinic in Palermo and the

police had somehow tracked him there and

knew that he'd been doing this for about

a year or so so overnight they planted

police officers inside this Clinic to

protect the other patients and then this

morning when did our dinaro went in they

grabbed him he tried to escape

apparently but after he saw that it was

going to be impossible he gave himself

up one of the difficulties for the

police was that they have they had few

pictures of dinaro they they weren't

sure what he looked like so they did a

digital reconstruction of his face so

that they could try to track him down

there were stories that he'd had

he'd had his face altered and had his

fingerprints removed in the 30 years

that he was on the Run wow so what's

been the reaction to his arrest Paul

well first of all in the hospital this

morning when the other patients saw what

was going on they they clapped for the

police they applauded for the police as

he was being taken away and uh the prime

minister of Italy put out a statement

today saying you know this was uh a very

important and historic arrest and it

shows that Italy can never give up in

the face of Mafia threats wow you called

it at the outset this is a movie this is

this is going to be on Netflix uh Paul

Workman thank you very much for that

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